A Guide’s Tour of Canterbury Cathedral

A self-guided tour, following in expert footsteps.

Guide’s Tour Web App

A Guide’s Tour conducts you round the locations that you’d see on a guided tour, highlighting the key things to look out for. For convenience, this self-guided tour follows the recommended route but please note that access to any given part of the cathedral may not be possible at the time of your visit.

A Guide’s Tour is a new generation of progressive web app (PWA) that can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet in advance of your visit. Depending on your mobile network, 4/5G reception may be patchy in parts of the Cathedral and there is, as yet, no public Wi-Fi provision.

Installing the app on Android devices. When opening any of the tour pages for the first time you will be offered the option of installing the app, which creates a shortcut to the Guides Tour on your home screen. If you answer no, and change your mind later, just click the Installation icon on the top left of any tour page.

Apple iPhone/iPad installation. Apple iOS devices do not automatically prompt to install the app and it therefore needs to be installed manually. Please refer to the Guides Tour FAQ for instructions.

Note. Once added to the Home Screen, close your browser, and start the app by clicking the Guide’s Tour icon on your Home Screen. You will then have the option to download all the guide pages to your device for use offline.


** The exact method of installation might be different on some Android devices.